Listen to your favorite blogs anywhere you go

12 Nov

You have learned the great news that your favorite blog site is now empowered with Vocalyze widget. From now on you can listen to those blog articles when you are too busy to read by a simple click on the Tucan icon.

What if you are away from your desktop or laptop? Don’t worry. Vocalyze mobile app on iPhone or Android allows you to listen to your favorite blogs, as long with 100+ other sources, virtually any place you go. Just sign up a Vocalyze account and add your favorite blog to your favorite list. Vocalyze mobile app will then read you the latest blog articles whenever and wherever you are in the mood to listen to something.

Here is how you add your favorite blog to your favorite list.

From a web browser

1. Go to Log into your Vocalyze account. Sign up if you don’t have one.

2. Go to “My Playlist” tab. Click on “Featured Blogs” on the left column. You will see a list of featured blog site in the box in the middle column

3. Simply click on your favorite source. Now you are good to go. Start your Vocalyze app and listen to the articles.

From Mobile App

1. Start the Vocalyze mobile app (download iPhone app or Android app) and log into your account

2. Tap the “favorite” button on the upper right corner

3. Tap the “add” button and select your favorite blog source from the listing

Enjoy listening! Don’t forget that you can send us content suggestion via here


WordPress Widget Installation Basics

6 Nov

WordPress widget is user-interactive, easy-to-use WordPress plugin tool that can give a WordPress blog site many handy features. It typically stays at sidebar. Sometimes you will find a widget at header or footer bar.

A fresh-installed WordPress site comes with a handful of pre-loaded widgets.  Beyond that, there are more than 16 thousands of widgets listed in WordPress plugin directory. This blog offers some help for a new WordPress widget user to download and install useful WordPress widget.

First of all go to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Plugins” -> “Add New”. You will have option to type in the name of the widget that you would like to download. For example, enter “vocalyze” and search.

On next page you should find the basic information about this widget as well as a tab “Install Now”. Click on “Install Now” to continue.

Depending on your WordPress site host platform, you may see different menus. For example, if you are using Linux, you will be asked to provide ftp username and password.

If you are not sure about ftp username and password, or you see error messages that indicated the widget cannot be installed this way, you can choose another way to download and install the widget. Here is how:

Step 1.  Go to WordPress plugin directory page. For example,

There is a big “Download” red button on this screen for you to download the widget in the zip format.

Step 2. Click on “Installation” tab and follow the installation instructions provided on that page. I am posting the instructions here for your convenience for Vocalyze widget installation. Different widget may have different instructions.

  • Download, unzip, and copy the “vocalyze.php” file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Go to WordPress admin Dashboard, choose “Plugins” => “Installed Plugins”. Activate the “Vocalyze Widget” plugin by clicking on “Activate” link
  • On the Dashboard, choose “Appearance” => “Widgets”. Drag and drop the “Vocalyze” to the desired Widget Area, for example, Primary Widget Area.
  • Click on the Down arrow of “Vocalyze” bar to open the Vocalyze Widget configuration menu.
  • Enter the URL for your blog website in the input box.
  • Choose an icon that works the best for your blog theme.
  • Click on “Save” to save the configuration.
  • Go to your blog website. Now you will be able to see the Vocalyze Widget
To summarize, there are two ways to download and install a WordPress widget
  1. Use the “Plugins” -> “Add New” tab and follow the instructions. In some situation you need to provide ftp username and password
  2. Go directly to the WordPress plugin directory Use the keyword to search and locate the desired widget. Download and unzip the widget. And then follow the instructions provided by the widget.

Listen to your favorite blog articles on your mobile phone

31 Oct

Vocalyze widget is accessible on blogger’s web site, which means as a reader, you can click on the Vocalyze widget to listen to your favorite blog articles from a web browser.

However it is not the only way you can listen to the blog articles. You can also listen to your favorite blog articles on your mobile phone. Download and install Vocalyze iPhone or Android mobile app on your iPhone or Android. And then with a few clicks you will be able to set up your Vocalyze playlist that includes your favorite blogger.

Here is how:

1. When you are at your favorite blog site that has Vocalyze widget installed,  click on Vocalyze widget to bring up audio play page. Above the articles list, there is a “Save Favorites” button. Click on this button.


2. Next window will ask you to log in as a Vocalyze user. So enter your Vocalyze username and password to log in your Vocalyze account.

If you are not a Vocalyze user yet, please register an account with an email address and password. It is simple and free. Once you fill in registration information you will be automatically logged into your new Vocalyze account.

3. After you log in your Vocalyze account, you will see the new content appearing in “My Favorites” panel. The new content is under the name “News Feed”. Obviously this is a very generic name. If you are the blog site owner and would like to use a customized name please continue to read #4. Otherwise you are good to go with your mobile phone and listen to your favorite bloggers on the run. Just start your Vocalyze mobile app and enjoy the time!

4. If you own the blog site and would like to give your content a more meaningful name or a cool icon to be listed in Vocalyze, please contact “” with your blog website URL. We will satisfy your request within one business day.


Vocalyze widget for WordPress update – Zero-effort Setup

24 Oct

With the latest update of Vocalyze widget v1.4 for WordPress, the configuration procedures are much more simplified. In fact, it will be zero-effort configuration in most of the cases.

All you need to do is to drag-and-drop the Vocalyze widget to the sidebar(or other desired location). Vocalyze widget will automatically detect your blog site’s home page URL and RSS feed URL. This RSS feed URL is typically embedded in your blog site home page. Once Vocalyze widget detects your blog site home page URL, it will display this URL in the config menu, as shown below:

If you see this menu, simply click on “Save” button. Vocalyze widget will then search for the embedded RSS feed URL of your blog site and display it once it is found. Once you see the RSS feed URL shown in the menu, click on “Save” again to complete the configuration.

In some cases you might have a customized RSS feed URL that is not embedded anywhere. Thus Vocalyze widget may not able to automatically detect the blog site’s RSS feed URL. If this happens, the config menu will prompt that you need to manually enter the RSS feed URL, which you or your site adminitrator would know.

After you enter the proper RSS feed URL and click on the “Save” button, you are all set to go.

Vocalyze widget available for Google Blogger

23 Oct

Vocalyze widget, which has been welcome by WordPress and Tumblr users,  is now available on Google Blogger platform. If you are blogging on (or and would like to give your readers the ability to listen to your blog articles when they are unable to read or too busy to read, Vocalyze widget is the right tool for you.

The installation of Vocalyze widget on Blogger is fairly straightforward:

Step 1.  Go to your Blogger dashboard, click on “Design” tab

Step 2.  Blogger design page presents a few options on where you can add a gadget.  Pick a spot and click on “Add a Gadget” link.

Step 3.  In the pop-up menu, choose “Add you own” option

Step 4.  In the input text field, copy and paste the following URL, and click on “Add by URL” button.

Step 5.  In the resulted panel, you will see the preview of the Vocalyze gadget: an orange tucan icon with “Listen to blog articles” text. Click on “Save” to complete the installation.

Now you can go to your blog and verify the Vocalyze gadget display and functionality. Once the reader clicks on the Vocalyze gadget, the blog articles will be read out aloud one by one.

Below is a screen shot of a Blogger website with Vocalyze widget installed

How to install Vocalyze widget on

5 Oct

If you are running your own wordpress blog site, it is straightforward to install Vocalyze widget and give your blog site a voice. Just download the Vocalyze widget from wordpress plugin directory, drag and drop the Vocalyze widget to a sidebar from your wordpress dashboard and you will be all set.

If your blog site is on, it is a different story. does not allow you to install a plugin or widget on your own choice. You can only use the plugin or widget that is already on their list.

How to get around this restriction and still give your blog site Vocalyze capability? The answer is to use another widget called “Text”. “Text” widget can be found in default widget list.  The idea is to embed a piece of Vocalyze widget html code into the “Text” widget. Follow the instructions below and you will be able to install Vocalyze widget on your blog site in 15 minutes.

Step 1. Prepare the Vocalyze widget html code. Go to Enter the URL of your blog site. For example, Vocalyze blog site URL is Click on “submit” after you’ve done typing. A piece of html code will appear in the big black box below. Select and copy this piece of html code.

Step 2. Log into your blog site and go to dashboard ->Appearance ->Widgets. Drag the “Text” widget to the location that you would like Vocalyze widget to be placed. For example, let’s use the sidebar

Step 3. Open the “Text” widget config menu. Choose a title for the Vocalyze widget, and then paste the piece of html code that you copied in step 1 into the big box as shown in the image below

Step 3. Click on “Save” button to close the “Text” widget config menu. You now have the Vocalyze widget successfully installed on your blog site. Congratulations!

Use Vocalyze widget on Tumblr

4 Oct

Vocalyze widget is a powerful tool that reads the blog articles to you. Thanks to WordPress’s built-in plugin framework, a blogger can download and install the Vocalyze widget to a Worspress blog site without any hassle. Tumblr, on the hand, does not support sidebar widget yet. At least so far we are not aware of such support (If you are, do let us know.).

Is there any way you can install Vocalyze widget to your Tumblr site? The answer is yes.  We did it at the Vocalyze Tumblr blog site. You can find the “Vocalyze Tucan” on the sidebar.

Follow the instructions below, and you will be able to add the Vocalyze widget to your Tumblr site in 15 minutes.

Warning: You need to have some knowledge of HTML coding. If you don’t feel comfortable about manipulating HTML code on your Tumblr theme page, stop here and hope Tumblr add built-in widget support sometime soon.

Step 1. Go to your Tumblr site dashboard. Choose your blog site, and choose “Customize appearance” option on the sidebar

Step 2. Click on “Theme” option in the top navigation bar to bring up the theme html page. This page defines the layout of your Tumblr site page. Your theme html code may look very different from what we use here in the example. Nevertheless there should be code section that defines the sidebar and content inside sidebar

Step 3.  Locate the code that defines sidebar and its content. In our theme page, I found “<div id=’sidebar’>”, which marks the beginning of the sidebar definition. Then I decided to place the Vocalyze widget above the “search” box, i.e. I need to insert Vocalyze widget code right above “<div id=’search’>”. Next copy the Vocalyze widget code below, and paste to the location you have chosen. Click on “Save”.

<script type="text/javascript" src="" language="javascript"></script>
<div id="vocalyze-widget-container"></div>

At this point you should be all set. Go to your Tumblr site and check out the Vocalyze widget feature. Your readers are now able to listen to your Tumblr blogs.